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Skiptracing / Missing People

Skip tracing are the most common types of cases that we get in everyday life. In basic terms, skip tracing is the act of finding the person who has skipped town. The POI is usually demanded by someone else to repay a debt or is needed because of any legal proceeding of some kind. The primary objective of the detectives involved in skip tracing is to locate the POI. Once located he/she will follow up with a report which will carry the information about the subject such as- current address, current phone number, place of work, any ID number if he/she has any other significant details.

However, there is a minute difference in the cases of skip tracing and cases registered for missing people i.e. the POI (person of interest) who is being located doesn’t wish to be found. Our highly skilled and experienced experts are well equipped with resources such as specialized investigator databases, public records/information, court filings and open source intelligence techniques and will do everything necessary in hand to locate the person. Sleuth’s India is a leading private detective agency in Delhi with years of experience in tracking down even the most elusive individual.