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Employee Cheating

Employee cheating is a fraud that can be committed by an employee against the interest of his/her own company to benefit the rivals or for his/her own benefit. There are many prospects for an employee to be associated with any alarming threats involving sending vital information to rivals, thievery, operating subsidiary businesses etc that can cause massive damage to the company/organisation if went unnoticed. Moreover, this malicious practice has broken out to a larger extent, and more and more such issues are coming up every day stimulating a peculiar rage among employers. Luring customers for cheap and substandard products on behalf of the company and taking commission from vendors, suppliers or sellers are some of the common threats to organisations.

Sleuths India a leading detective agency, conducts a thorough process including conduct thorough background checks on new employees, implement checks and balances, conduct random audits of company accounts, implement an anonymous ethics hotline to encourage employees to report wrongdoing etc. We ensure that any client who approaches us gets the solution in earnest way possible by leveraging the potential of our latest gadgets and incorporating the structured approach to nab the culprit.