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Corporate Espionage

Corporate Espionage is not new for businesses; it is a well-known fact how companies deploy professional sleuths to know competitors trade secret. Though the only thing that matters now is that it is happening on a large scale. The practice usually intends to steal the intellectual property or valuable asset/information of a company which is a serious concern for the businesses. The widely known malicious activity can be provoked externally and internally. Threats from inside vary in large forms such as workplace violence, theft and sexual harassment etc. We help you trace all these malicious activities by disclosing them to you so that you can stop these ripples from forming in an efficient way.

Sleuths India a dominant detective agency in delhi follow a vehement approach to help you carve out the best strategy in order to compete with your rivals. We also closely monitor your competitor’s strategies of your interest so that you will remain intact and safeguarded with their malicious tactics. Our investigating team is spread all over the country and remains closely in sync with each other and get your information from any part of the country. We can assure a high degree of success with precise information in corporate espionage from our end.