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Business Dispute

We understand the need to act upon the requisite outbreak that persists because of so many reasons such as fraud activities resulting to treachery, breaches of ethics, conflicts of interest and other form of impropriety or dispute with a supplier and we can provide a wide range of aid in terms of experience or setting up a specialist like technology experts, valuation specialist or economist to perform a special investigation for helping businesses and clients solve various disputes.

Business disputes can break through usually over a period of time in the business of any scale or size. Certainly, it is not a new thing that people are unaware of but it is just with the change of time, the nature of dispute may have transformed, though the intensity is more than ever now. Businesses continue to face these circumstances in its course to run, however, some strive hard to put them away while others get ruined.

Sleuths India, a leading detective agency can help the clients by finding the cause and defaulters in such cases. We can assist you throughout the dispute process; it can be through the informal forum, litigation, mediation or arbitration. If you run a business of any nature and are stuck in a dispute, we would help you out.