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Background Checking

Background Checks are required to inference the credibility of a person that may be accountable for his/her future endeavours towards one’s personal or professional life. Background checks are essentials since it mirrors the reliability and loyalty of the relationship that bounds to the entity and ensures the sustainability of the individual in association with you or your organisation. That’s why you need to be sure of these people, their past history and everything that matters to you.

We have an experienced team of private detectives to discharge background checks and dig out the essential piece of information that includes educational background, criminal records, medical takeover, family history etc. for our clients.

Moreover, our team also deals for the individual, matrimonial, business, debtor, pre-employment and post-employment checks. We ensure that you get the right or most appropriate credibility for your prospect.

Sleuths India has a remarkable reputation for being recognised as one of the top background verification company. Also a leading magazine, SiliconIndia has announced the company to be among top 10 most promising background verification companies for 2017. We believe in carrying out the work and get you the information you require, and it is the same reason our client trust us for our domain experience.